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Pro-abortion means "favoring the legalization of abortion."[1] Pro-aborts typically support how roughly one million abortions are performed annually in the United States, many at taxpayer expense.[2] Pro-aborts include those who are comfortable with this status quo and who oppose pro-life criticism of it or reform legislation to reduce or eliminate it. Many pro-aborts even seek to increase the number of abortions performed in the United States, and worldwide. Many pro-aborts privately think that abortion is often a good thing, but they rarely admit that publicly as their real position.

Elected officials who are pro-aborts are often puppets of abortion clinics, siding with them in every possible way. Pro-aborts were behind the last-minute political ambush of U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh with the Kavanaugh smears, because he is viewed as being pro-life.

Each election cycle hundreds of millions of dollars pour into the political campaigns of pro-abort politicians, giving them an enormous financial advantage over pro-life opponents. Despite this, pro-life politicians win a majority of elections.


Pro-aborts often prefer the euphemism "pro-choice" as a way of denying their support, explicit or implicit, for abortion at public expense. Conservatives believe that the label "pro-choice" is a misnomer because the child does not have a choice and pro-aborts typically oppose any choice for the father. Pro-aborts often oppose any choice by pro-life physicians, nurses or pharmacists. While NARAL (an organization that advocates legal abortion) supports narrow conscience clauses, it opposes broader clauses that would allow physicans, pharmacists, and employers to refuse to support abortion.[3] Pro-aborts also typically oppose ensuring that women have information about the medical harms, such as increased suicide rates, that result from abortion.[4]

"Pro-choice" hypocrisy

The pro-abortion movement always attempts to justify itself with the term "pro-choice". They claim to support a mother's "choice" to abort her unborn child, but many either don't support even a mother's choice to keep her unborn child or they dismiss occurrences of such as isolated incidents.

In December 2011, a 14-year-old pregnant teen sued several family members for attempting to coerce her into an abortion. Her attorney representing her, Stephen Casey, attested that the girl's cousin was guilty of assaulting her and threatening to beat her if she did not get an abortion. The teen later got a restraining order from her family following the lawsuit.[5]

In February 2013, a 16-year-old pregnant teen from Texas sued her parents for trying to force her to get an abortion. The teen said that her mother invited her paternal grandparents to a bar where her mother suggested slipping an abortion pill through deception. The teen also stated that her father intended to get her an abortion simply because it was his decision, as well as her parents further "punishing" her by taking away her phone, keeping her from school, and taking away her car.[6]

In July 2019, a UK court ordered an abortion to be forced on a 22-week pregnant mother that was mentally disabled. Madame Justice Nathalie Lieven deemed the 22-week old fetus as "not a physical presence", although the ruling was later overturned by a Court of Appeal before the child could be killed.[7]


  • Planned Parenthood is closely aligned with the pro-abortion side: It performed nearly 135 abortions for every referral for adoption in 2008.[8]


Pro-aborts have caused abortion rates to be higher in the United States than in comparable European nations.[Citation Needed] For example, the laws concerning abortion are far more protective of the unborn child in Germany and in Israel than in the United States.

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