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Pro-drilling is a term to describe Americans that feel the USA should be leading the world in national energy production. Due to our vast wealth and resources, Pro-drilling advocates want an 'all or above' solution to the energy crises. The 'all or above' solution entails drilling oil first as part of a larger package of oil, shale, wind, geothermal, hydro and nuclear plant construction. This includes the Drill here!, Drill now! campaign. People in the millions have signed up with American Solutions to support drilling efforts.

All this in response to extremely high gas prices since the Summer of 2005. The effort has become necessary because Democratic Congressional leaders refuse to listen to the American people on the issue. Instead, Democrats are allied with environmentalist organizations, which they speak for. Plus, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has narcissistic dreams such as the comment "She is trying to save our planet." The environmentalist motives are questionable and there is proof that other humans are suffering malnutrition, unable to afford the cost of food due to gas price inflation.

Recently, the Pro-drilling supporters were mocked by Speaker Pelosi as the "two-cents-in-10-years-crowd." [1] This attitude proves she has no intention of drilling off the continental shelf or in Alaska.

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  1. Debunking Democrats on Drilling Fox News, August 28, 2008