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An unborn child in the womb

Pro-life is the name given to people or organizations who defend the human rights of the unborn child, and who oppose fetal homicide.

"Pro-abortion" is the most accurate term for advocates of taxpayer-funded abortion and other advantages for the abortion industry. Supporters of abortion rights prefer the euphemism of "pro-choice", which tends to obscure how they oppose informed consent laws and typically support forcing people to pay for abortions by others.

Due to rulings by the U.S. Supreme Court (e.g. Roe v. Wade), the United States allows abortions at virtually any time in pregnancy. Many state governments even pay for abortions using taxpayer dollars, usually due to a court order rather than the will of the people.

In American politics, the Republican and Constitution Parties are strongly opposed to abortion on a moral basis and believe it should be illegal. The Democrat Party supports abortion and opposes legal restrictions. Leaders in the Democrat Party, such as its presidential candidates, also support taxpayer-funded abortion. Vanishingly few Democrat politicians, such as the Blue Dog Democrats, hold pro-life views, while a few Republicans such as Rudy Giuliani hold pro-choice views.

The phrase "pro-life," especially in the Catholic Church, may include other positions in defense of human life, such as opposing attempts by hospitals or hospices to deny care to premature infants or elderly patients, or to engage in euthanasia.

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