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Prohibition, in law, refers to any body of law having the effect of prohibiting or controlling the consumption of any particular substance. The usual application of the term is to the prohibition of the manufacture, sale, transport, import, export, and/or consumption of alcoholic drinks in any given nation-state.

Summary of Prohibition Movements and Laws

Prohibition is primarily a feature of 19th century law or later. Most outright, national prohibitions took place in the first half of the 20th century, viz.:

Period Nation-state
1920-33 United States of America
1914-25 Russia and the Soviet Union
1915-22 Iceland
1916-27 Norway
1919-32 Finland
1900-48 Prince Edward Island and elsewhere in Canada, though for shorter periods
ca. 1920-current (various starting points) Middle East, North Africa, Asia

History and Current State in Various Regions

United States

Main Article: Prohibition in the United States

Russian Empire and Soviet Union

Scandinavia and other Nordic regions

Arab and other Muslim lands

South Asia

Southeast Asia