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Prostitution is the exchange of sexual favors for money. The Bible in general holds prostitution in contempt, but Jesus Christ showed considerably more understanding, saving an adultress from stoning by a mob stating "If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her". Also, Rahab the harlot is redeemed for receiving two spies from Joshua and allowing them to escape their pursuers.

In certain other religions such as Hinduism and the historical worship of Aphrodite prostitution formed an integral part of the sacred rites.

In the United States, prostitution is legal in the state of Nevada but heavily regulated, and outlawed elsewhere. Libertarians consider prostitution to be a victimless crime on the order of using recreational drugs.

Prostitution in the Old Testament

In the Law of Moses, prostitution is forbidden to the daughters of priests in the Aaronic order and it is forbidden for priests to marry a prostitute (Leviticus 21:9, 14).