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The Protestant Irish or Scotch-Irish were immigrants from Ireland to America of Protestant background. Most were Presbyterians. The arrived mostly in the period 1740-1770, heading especially to the frontier regions.

Further reading

  • Glazier, Michael, ed. The Encyclopedia of the Irish in America, (1999), the best place to start--the most authoritative source, with essays by over 200 experts; covers both Catholics and Protestants.
  • Blethen, Tyler Ulster and North America: Transatlantic perspectives on the Scotch-Irish (1999) online at ACLS History e-book project
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  • Leyburn, James G. Scotch-Irish: A Social History (1989), scholarly survey; good starting point.
  • McWhiney, Grady. Cracker Culture: Celtic Ways in the Old South (1989), scholarly interpretation
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  • Webb, James. Born Fighting: How the Scots-Irish Shaped America(2004) by a popular novelist who is now Senator from Virginia; not considered reliable by scholars.

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