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Protestia, formerly Pulpit & Pen (P&P), is a Calvinist blog operated under the auspices of the Fellowship Baptist Church of Sidney, Montana.[1] The blog has changed names and formats repeatedly, claiming censorship by Facebook and other social media platforms.

JD Hall, who serves as the church's pastor, is the publisher and main writer of articles, while "lead correspondent" Seth Dunn writes the majority of the rest, along with the "News Division".[2]

P&P generally criticizes every other Christian group (John MacArthur is the only known exception): in addition to liberal Christianity[3] it criticizes the charismatic movement,[4] the Southern Baptist Convention,[5] and other Reformed groups with which it disagrees.[6]


  2. The "News Division" (also under the titles "Staff Writer", "Publisher", and similar such titles) generally publishes hyper-critical articles that neither Hall nor Dunn want to have associated with them.
  5. Going so far as to name Thom S. Rainer, the former head of LifeWay Christian Resources, as the "Worst Christian of 2018", ahead of people such as Benny Hinn and Joel Osteen; see

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