Public school tyranny

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Public school tyranny consists of liberal public school administrators engaging in exaggerated control and punishment of children, perhaps to make the administrators feel powerful. For example, a 12-year-old Hispanic girl in Queens, NY was removed from school in handcuffs after doodling on her desk. [1] The principal reportedly told the schoolgirl's mother that policy required the arrest. The principal's boss said the principal was "mistaken". [2]

It is frequently employed to prevent free-thinking students from expressing views at variance with liberal orthodoxies.[Citation Needed]

Liberals at federal and state agencies require public schools to enforce zero-tolerence policies restricting students' and sometimes even staff members' right to property and the right to bear arms. Under these totalitarian decrees, good faith students, staff, and visitors are often reprimanded for having simple over the counter medications, virtually anything that could plausibly be used as a weapon (could be merely a box cutter, screw driver, or Boy Scouts of America issued pocket knife), anything that resembles a weapon (may be as simple as a squirt gun), and even simple electronic devices on campus. It is common for these rules to apply to anything stored in vehicles parked in school parking lots. Liberals often cite the Columbine High School massacre to support these liberal policies, despite the fact that the Columbine murders had been skipping school prior to the rampage, and such rules only leave the victums in such cases defenseless to a greater degree than otherwise.


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