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The Punch-Out!! (ESRB rating: E) series is a series of boxing video games manufactured by Nintendo. Though the games have violence, it isn't bloody, just comedic, and is a good game for the whole family to enjoy.


The player's character is viewed from behind, either as a wire-frame model in the arcade games, transparent on the SNES, or being small on the NES, for the purpose of seeing the opponent more clearly. The player can throw jabs to the face by moving up and pressing the punch button, or can throw body blows by just pressing the punch buttons. There is a KO meter in some games that fills up when the opponent is being punched a lot. When it is full, the player can deliver a powerful knockout blow, either an uppercut or a hook. The player wins either by KO when the opponent cannot get up within the countdown, or by TKO.

Games in the Series