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Renee Ellmers is the Republican U.S. Representative for North Carolina's 2nd District, defeating incumbent Democrat Bob Etheridge in the 2010 election. She is a registered nurse, Clinic Director of Trinity Wound Care Center and teaches Sunday school at Sacred Heart Catholic Church. Ellmers is a fiscal conservative concerned for the direction of this country. "My economic plan can be summed up in 4 words: Cut Taxes. Cut Spending." She has been endorsed by the SBA List for her pro-life stance. Per the SBA,

Ellmers's commitment to rescind taxpayer funding of abortion in health care and in every aspect of federal spending is urgently needed in the coming Congress. A new women's movement which affirms its original pro-life roots is making its way to the House of Representatives, and Ellmers is one of its brightest new stars.

Her opponent Etheridge was filmed in 2010 assaulting a student for asking a question about his votes. [1] [2] In addition, disrespecting a U.S. Marine for asking a question at a healthcare townhall with sarcasm and refusing to answer. [3]


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