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Sexual confusion reaching new heights
"In this time of history, when gender and sexual confusion is reaching new heights in all aspects of public and private life, our network of ministries stands on the beauty of God’s life-giving Word. ...If you are a person who is attracted to others of the same gender, are confused about your gender identity, are impacted by another’s confusion as a parent, a child, a family member or pastor, leader or friend, Restored Hope is here to walk alongside you to help find the answers you seek."
— RHN[1]

Restored Hope Network (RHN) represents the largest coalition of ex-homosexual ministries in the world and it self-describes as being “on the frontlines of helping people overcome homosexuality.” It now comprises 59 affiliated ministries like First Stone, in Oklahoma City, dedicated to helping people find freedom from same-sex attraction. RHN's Executive Director is Anne Paulk.[2] RHN succeeded Exodus International.[3]

Mission Statement

Restored Hope is an inter-denominational membership governed network dedicated to restoring hope to those broken by sexual and relational sin, especially those impacted by homosexuality. It proclaims that Jesus Christ has life-changing power for all who submit to Christ as Lord and it also seeks to equip His church to impart that transformation.[1]

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