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Reverie is a comic strip published by Heaven Sent Gaming, drawn by Isabel Ruiz Lucero and written by Mario J. Lucero. It features a cast of extraterrestrial children, although only two of them appear to have extraordinary powers, they behave like human children. It has a gentle humor reminiscent of Peanuts.


  • Amalia, one of the two kids with an extraordinary power, she has the ability to master any task; she uses this to her advantage by maintaining multiple jobs, though her main job is at a fast food restaurant called Fries n' Stuff. She is dating Bronjay.
  • Bronjay, a well-meaning hoodie-wearing boy, he's often day-dreaming about being a knight or western hero. He's dating Amalia.
  • Bronwen, Bronjay's little brother, he's the other kid with an extraordinary power, he's a super-genius. He looks like his big brother, but he has some green hair sticking out of his hoodie.
  • Hoopes, a beret-wearing boy, he's just as well-meaning as Bronjay. But Hoopes has more hobbies than his best friend Bronjay, but they both daydream together quite often, and get into trouble together.
  • Milly, a well-meaning blonde-haired girl, she daydreams like Bronjay and Hoopes. She is rescued from trouble by her best-friend Amalia.

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