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The Revolution Against Evolution website is a resource for Christians who want to know what the creation-evolution controversy is all about. Subjects covered include the importance of the issue to Christians, order from disorder, historical geology, early man, creation models, animals that prove creation, proteins, DNA and the cell, the stars and planets, answering common arguments, evidence vs. myths, issues and answers.

In addition, to having articles on the creation-evolution controversy, the website features the weekly videos produced for the Revolution Against Evolution TV show which is aired on public access television in Michigan. The television show has been airing since 1993, and as of 2022 the Revolution Against Evolution TV team has produced over 900 episodes.[1][2]

Douglas B. Sharp, the owner of the Revolution Against Evolution website, has taught the creation-evolution subject for over 50 years. He attends Mount Hope Church in Lansing, Michigan which has about 3,000 congregants. He co-hosts The Revolution Against Evolution, a public access TV show that investigates topics related to the creation-evolution issue.

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