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Richard Carrier, adultery, divorce and polyamory

The atheist Richard Carrier divorced his wife and now practices polyamory.[1] Before divorcing his wife, he was involved in adulterous affairs[2]

The Christian apologist Jason Engwar at the Christian blog Triablogue wrote:

Richard Carrier has a post up announcing that he's "polyamorous", which he calls his "sexual orientation". He's been adulterous in his relationship with his wife, and they decided to get a divorce after having tried polyamory for a while. In the thread, he refers to how he has "sympathy for people who cheat on their spouses", how he's come across "many" polyamorists, and how he's become more convinced that "monogamy is the actual problem". So far, most of the responses at his blog are positive.[3]

Previously, Carrier wrote a book entitled Sense and Goodness without God. See also: Atheist hypocrisy

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