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Richard Dawkins has produced several video tapes over recent years, all of which are available on his commercial website for prices between $20 and $250.

Many are videos from conferences he has been paid outlandish fees to speak at.

Some are documentaries such as his "Root of all Evil" documentary which he produced for BBC4 and which blames religion for literally every example of evil. It may be partially responsible for recent atheistic attitudes in Britain.

Some are lectures that he has given, such as his "Growing up in the universe" series, which he gave to British teenagers, and which highlight his inadequacies as a professor; they are truly a terrible series of lectures.

In his "four horsemen" DVD he videotapes a conversation between himself, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, and Dan Dennit about New Atheism, the joke being that these are the four horsemen spoken about in the of Revelations 6:1-8.

He also sells video tapes with missleading titles like the "Voices of Science" and "Voices of Reason" with his face taking up most of the cover, implying that he is the voice of science and reason. He also sells "The Genius of Charles Darwin", a video that purports to show how clever Darwin was.