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Richard Dearlove

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Sir Richard Dearlove (born 1945) was head of the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) from 1999 until 6 May 2004. Was Christopher Steele’s boss. Dearlove knew Steele and his partner Chris Burrows personally.

On 7 July 2014, in a lecture at the Royal United Services Institute, Dearlove argued that the government and media had exaggerated the Islamist terrorism threat to the UK, giving extremists publicity counter-productive to UK interests.[1][2]

US election meddling

Dearlove advised Christopher Steele and his business partner, Chris Burrows, to work with a top British government official to pass along information to the FBI in the fall of 2016.

Dearlove was a speaker at the July 2016 Cambridge symposium that U.S. counterintelligence lure Stefan Halper invited Carter Page to attend.

Dearlove knows Halper through their mutual association at the Cambridge Intelligence Seminar. Dearlove also knows Sir Iain Lobban, a former head of GCHQ, who is an Advisory Board Member at Hakluyt.

Hakluyt is a British strategic intelligence and advisory firm. It was founded by former MI6 members and retains close ties to UK Intelligence services.

Hakluyt's founders are Christopher James and Mike Reynolds. James and Reynolds are both reportedly close with Dearlove.

Another member of Hakluyt is Jonathan Clarke, who is the U.S. Representative–Director U.S. Operations for Hakluyt. Halper has connections to Hakluyt through Clarke, with whom he has co-authored two books.[3]

Australian High Commissioner Alexander Downer, another FBI informant, asked for and received a meeting with Trump campaign volunteer George Papadopoulos which the FBI claimed was the basis of its counterintelligence investigation of Team Trump. Downer also served on the Advisory Board of Hakluyt from 2008-2014 but gave it up to become High Commissioner. He reportedly still maintains contact with Hakluyt officials.

Sir Andrew Wood relayed information regarding the Steele dossier to Senator John McCain. Dearlove and Wood are both members of the group Briefings for Brexit.[4]

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