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[[Category:Former United States Senators]]
[[Category:Former United States Senators]]
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[[Category:Republican Party]]

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Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum served as United States Senator from Pennsylvania from January, 1995 through January, 2007. During that time, Santorum was known for his conservative political views. A cult-like movement among liberals, and particularly homosexual activists, vilified Santorum for his forthright and truthful statements. In the Senate, Santorum stood for traditional values, and fought for traditional marriage. His "Santorum Amendment" to the No Child Left Behind Act sought (albeit unsuccessfully) to support the teaching of intelligent design in public schools as a legitimate scientific theory.

In 2006 Bob Casey, Jr., the liberal son of a popular former Pennsylvania governor who had been pro-life, defeated Santorum as part of a Democratic sweep in that election. Casey subsequently endorsed pro-abortion Barack Obama for president in 2008.

Currently Senator Santorum is on a lecture circuit decrying the dangers of terrorism and pointing out the obvious flaws of President Barack Hussein Obama's policy of negotiation with rogue states such as Libya or Iran.

Liberal Obsession with Santorum

Liberals became obsessed with Santorum, particularly after he stood up for traditional marriage and drew an analogy between support for homosexual marriage and other illegal forms of marriage and conduct. Rather than dispute the analogy, liberals were quick to feign offense. They argued that because the other kinds of conduct are so universally repulsive, pointing out the parallels with homosexual acts and homosexual marriage unduly disparages homosexuals. But they knew the ugly truth -- that homosexuality is just one step away on the slippery slope towards many other disgustingly immoral proclivities. Since they had no legitimate arguments, they could only resort to liberal namecalling and personal attacks.

2012 Presidential Race

One June 6, Santorum will announce his intentions to run for President in 2012.[1]


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