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Rightpedia (en.rightpedia.info) is an alt-right neo-Nazi wiki created by ex-Metapedia admins. The website contains anti-Semitic, racist and holocaust denial material.


Rightpedia was founded in 2015 by the Hungarian neo-Nazi Eleonóra Dubiczki (username Fiala). She was banned for promoting irrational conspiracy theories about Jewish people and misusing the website to attack political enemies. She invited several other banned Metapedia users and promoted them as admins including Michael Coombs (Mikemikev) and A Wyatt Man. On November 6th, 2018 Fiala purchased Cloudflare to hide Rightpedia's host, but there was already public records that the hosting provider for Rightpedia is GoDaddy.[1]

Google safe browsing analytics considers Rightpedia a dangerous domain.[2]


Rightpedia contains hundreds of articles which are anti-Semitic, racist and xenophobic. For example they describe black people as uneducated gorillas and rapists.[3][4][5] They describe Jewish people as disloyal, greedy, ugly and perverted.[6] Dubiczki has written articles on Rightpedia which deny the holocaust happened and glorify the actions of the Nazi Party.[7][8][9]

Rightpedia has defamatory articles on anti-fascist politicians with disturbing images of dead children to smear them. In 2018, the Southern Poverty Law Center noted that the co-founder of Rightpedia Michael Coombs has created hundreds of sock-puppets to abuse Wikipedia.[10] He later confirmed this on his Gab account.[11]

On Conservapedia

Rightpedia has an inaccurate article on Conservapedia. They attack Conservapedia for accepting the six million figure for the Jewish victims of the Holocaust and for criticizing the policies of Adolf Hitler.[12]


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