Risk factors for homosexuality

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Several risk factors are associated with homosexuality among men:[1]

  • lack of participation in adversarial or contact sports, such as playing baseball[2]
  • participation in effeminate sports such as men's figure skating or gymnastics
  • lack of reading of the Bible, particularly Genesis, Psalms, Proverbs, Epistle to the Hebrews (which may have been written by Jesus), and the letters of Paul
  • poor relationship with one's father
  • participation in repetitive narcissistic activities
  • denial about the ability to control one's unhealthy conduct
  • lack of hard physical labor
  • ambition to advance where homosexual networks are powerful, such as publishing and the media

The lack of existence of any gay gene means that environmental factors must be highly influential.


  1. For women, often the opposite below is true.
  2. For women, the converse is true: participation in adversarial or contacts sports statistically increases the likelihood of homosexuality.