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RomneyCare is a small, one-state version of ObamaCare that was signed into law by Mitt Romney, who defends it to this day despite the fact that it has been a complete disaster costing more than 18,000 jobs and countless lives by creating long delays in Massachusetts for medical care, such as ordinary physicals.[1][2] State-run health programs were demanded in order to reduced to rising costs while insuring all citizens. Both pieces of legislation are heavily criticized for the "individual mandate", which requires all eligible adults to purchase health insurance. The legality of which has been challenged, in both state and federal courts, with final outcomes pending. The individual mandate is not new to either plan, as witnessed by the so-called Health Equity and Access Reform Today Act of 1993 that was offered by Republicans as an answer to "Hillarycare"[3]. The GOP's HEART Act contained an individual mandate and other similarities to both Romneycare and Obamacare. Today's Republican party stands in stark opposition to such mandates[4].

In addition to individual insurance mandates, RomneyCare forces taxpayers to purchase so-called "healthcare" including contraception and abortion, against the moral religious conscience of Massachusetts citizens. [5]


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