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Romulus Augustus, nicknamed Romulus Augustulus, was the last emperor of the Roman Empire. His nickname translates to, "Romulus, the Little Augustus," a reference to his young age or small amount of power.

He was put on the throne in 475 by his father, Orestes, a military general, after a coup against the previous Emperor, Julius Nepos. He was deposed in AD 476, after a 'reign' of less than one year, by the Germanic king Odoacer. Odoacer's decision to forego taking the title Emperor marked the end of the Roman Empire in the West. In truth the Empire was only a shell of its former self in its last years, having no real influence outside of Italy.

Little is known of Romulus' later life as the sources are contradictory and unclear. He was either allowed to live well on a yearly allowance from Odoacer or died within a few years.

It should be noted that the East Roman Empire, called the Byzantine Empire continued to rule from Constantinople for almost 1000 more years.