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Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London

Sadiq Khan (born October 8, 1970) is the first Islamic politician to head a major European capital as Mayor of London. He succeeds Boris Johnson after a bitter campaign facing the son of a Billionaire, Zac Goldsmith. Khan entered the House of Commons in 2005 and rose through the ranks of the Labour Party as Shadow Minister for London. He is known for his vocal anti-Trump stances, as well as the massive increases in crime London has been during his tenure.

Khan is of Pakistani descent, married to Saadiya Ahmed, and they have two children.

Links to extremism

Several conservative organizations have highlighted Khan's ties to Islamic extremism and other questionable activities that he has been associated with. Here are some examples of these concerns:[1][2]

  • In 2001 he was the lawyer for the Nation of Islam in its successful High Court bid to overturn the 15-year-ban on its demagogic leader, Louis Farrakhan.
  • In 2005 and 2006 he visited terror-charged Babar Ahmad in Woodhill Prison. Mr. Ahmed was extradited to the U.S. in 2012, serving time in prison before being returned to the UK in 2015. Mr. Ahmed pleaded guilty to the terrorist offenses of conspiracy and providing material support to the Taliban.
  • Khan also campaigned for the release and repatriation of Shaker Aamer, Britain’s last Guantanamo detainee, who was returned to the UK in November.
  • Khan has campaigned with Suliman Gani, an imam who supports female subservience to men and who has called for the founding of an Islamic state.
  • Khan has blamed terrorism on UK government policy
  • Khan has defended Zacarias Moussaoui, a 9/11 terrorist who admitted to being a member of Al Qaeda

Mayor of London

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Khan was elected Mayor of London in 2016, becoming the first Muslim to hold the position.[3] During Khan's tenure, nearly every category of crime, including knife crime, gun crime, theft, burglary, rape, and homicide, saw massive increases,[4] and he devoted the city government's resources to prosecuting "hate crimes" (merely offensive speech, often on social media) against Muslims.[5] Khan was even forced to do a U-turn on his promise to end the effective law enforcement practice of "stop and search" after the massive crime increases were reported.[6]

In late 2017, Khan called on the UK government to make a "full and formal" apology for an Indian massacre that happened nearly 100 years prior.[7]

Khan has feuded with conservative U.S. President Donald Trump numerous times during his tenure, with him frequently calling for the UK government to prevent the president from visiting Britain and with President Trump criticizing him and his left-wing policies.[8] Khan had endorsed Hillary Clinton in the 2016 U.S. presidential election,[9] and his endorsement cost London taxpayers £39,806 due to a trip he made to the U.S. effectively to campaign for Clinton.[10] In January 2018, Trump supporters disrupted a speech Khan made to the left-wing Fabian Society.[11] According to the former UK Ambassador to the U.S. Sir Nigel Sheinwald, Khan's moves were hurting Britain's chances at securing a free trade deal with the U.S.[12] In May 2018, Khan stated that "we have a responsibility" to condemn tweets by Trump that he disapproved of, but not to condemn human rights abuses by authoritarian leaders.[13]

Under Khan's tenure, London overtook New York City as having the largest number of murders for the first time since 1800.[14] In March 2018, the murder rate had risen 44% compared to the previous year.[15] Khan responded to the massive crime increase to the Conservative Party, despite his own policy changes.[16]


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