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Samuel Davies

Samuel Davies was a Presbyterian evangelist in the early American Colonies[1] who was a high-profile preacher during the Great Awakening,[2] and was the fourth president of Princeton University.[3] Davies is considered by some[4][5] to be the greatest of his age.

Davies once said of George Washington in a sermon:

"And has God been pleased to diffuse some Sparks of this Martial Fire through our Country? I hope he has : And though it has been almost extinguished by so long a Peace, and a Deluge of Luxury and Pleasure, now I hope it begins to kindle : And may I not produce you my Brethren, who are engaged in this Expedition, as instances of it *? * As a remarkable Instance of this, I may point out to the Public that heroic Youth Col. Washington whom I cannot but hope Providence has hitherto preferred in so signal a Manner, for some important Service to his Country.[6]


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