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Sara Gideon

Sara Gideon
Sara Gideon.jpg
Speaker of the Maine House of Representatives
From: December 7, 2016 – present
Predecessor Mark Eves
Successor Incumbent (no successor)
Maine House of Representatives, 48th District
From: December 5, 2012 – present
Predecessor Charles Kruger
Successor Incumbent (no successor)
Party Democrat
Spouse(s) Benjamin Gideon

Sara Gideon (born December 4, 1971) is a progressive Democrat and the current Speaker of the Maine House of Representatives.

Maine House of Representatives

According to Vote Smart, Gideon voted in March 2013 to raise the minimum wage in Maine.[1]

Gideon has pushed for Medicaid expansion.[2] In addition, she co-sponsored a bill that would require Medicaid to cover abortion "services".[3]

A poster child for the authoritarian liberal agenda, Gideon has voted to prohibit conversion therapy,[4] to limit parental choice regarding vaccination exemptions,[5] and even to legislate against using single-use plastic bags.[6]

Amidst the CCP virus in the United States, Gideon irresponsibly adjourned the Maine state legislature in mid-March 2020,[7] continuing to flat-out refuse to work even by early May, instead focusing on her Senate campaign and attacking Susan Collins.[8] Due to not going to work, the tax code for Maine could not be amended to ensure that small business owners in the state who apply for Paycheck Protection Program loans written by Sen. Collins won't be forced to pay back large amounts in taxes.[9]

Gideon apparently only became the Speaker of the state's House of Representatives with crucial support from a state representative who she took insufficient action against for sexual misconduct.[10]

2020 Senate run

See main article: United States Senate election in Maine, 2020

Gideon announced on June 24, 2019 her run for the U.S. Senate to challenge RINO Susan Collins.[11] She is endorsed by the murderous Planned Parenthood.[12]

She has erroneously used the term court packing to criticize Sen. Collins.[13]

Some who predicted a potential victory for Gideon compared her to former U.S. representative and senator Bill Hathaway, who ousted four-term moderate/liberal RINO incumbent Margaret Chase Smith in the 1972 elections.[14][15]


It was reported on September 3, 2020 that staffers for Gideon were bailing out violent far-left rioters via the Minnesota Freedom Fund.[16]

Far-left fundraising

It was reported in August 2019 that Gideon was being fundraised by a Colorado Democrat couple who have compared the 2019 government shutdown to 9/11 and have made vulgar smears against conservatives.[17]

Ethics violation

In late 2019, it was found that Gideon had reimbursed political donations using a corporate-funded PAC.[18]

Dark money/hypocrisy

Ads launched by Gideon's campaign that were heavily fueled by the progressive dark money group "Maine Momentum" attacked Susan Collins for accepting money from corporate donors, although Gideon does the same thing.[19] Among the ad's misleading/false claims was one alleging that Sen. Collins puts Medicare in jeopardy, despite the fact that Collins took measures to prevent budget cuts from affecting Medicare.[20]

General election results

Gideon ultimately lost the general election to Sen. Collins by nine percentage points.[21]


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