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Save One For The Gipper is a Pro-life organization dedicated to spreading awareness in the defense of life. They provide University of Notre Dame replica football jerseys with the number 1 and Life inscribed on the back. Their website says, "Before you were born, I dedicated you" Jeremiah 1:5.

Football fans know that the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame pull out their green jerseys for the biggest games. Now, pro-lifers can sport their own version of this stunning symbolic tradition. Save One For the Gipper T-shirts that were designed to make the statement that while the biggest game of all is life, life itself is not a game. They replicate a football jersey in style, with the word LIFE printed on the back in gold, and all shirts bear the numeral 1 on the front and back. The custom logo, Save One for the Gipper, is centered on the right sleeve. “While the Gipper jerseys are not endorsed by the University of Notre Dame, we have asked Our Lady to bless them.”
One For The Gipper T-shirt

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