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Schlafly Brewery is a beer manufacturer based out of Saint Louis, Missouri. The company touts itself as a local brand, and its drinks are available for purchase within a limited area of St. Louis[1]. The brand has found popularity with bars within its delivery range, and currently has two corporate-owned bars, the Taproom and Bottleworks.


In 1989 Dan Kopman and Thomas Schlafly, with the goal of producing a locally brewed beer that could compete in the nationwide marker, began to look for a building to house their operations in. The duo found the old Swift Printing Building, which belonged to a company that had moved from the building in 1969.

The two men began to set up their brewing company, and hired Dave Miller, a man who was known in the area for writing several books on the subject of microbrewing and for helping change state law to allow microbreweries to exist. In 1991, the company first opened it's doors to the public.

Since it's inception, Schlafly beer has found rapid success, placing it on a competitive level with many national breweries and expanding it's sales area. The current sales area extends to a 3-4 hour drive distance from St. Louis, which the company refers to as 'local'[2].

Today, Schlafly beer is sold in seven different states, and has become a local favorite, including sales inside Busch Stadium [owned by a competitor, Anheuser-Busch] and widespread support in bars and taverns within their sales area[3].

Related Works

During the 2008 Election, Schlafly Beers produced two tee-shirts to support both the Democratic and Republican candidates. The shirts, done in Blue and Red respectively, advertised Baracktoberfest Beer and Palin Ale. Underneath each shirt was a small quote from Thomas Schlafly, and on the back of the shirt a message reminded voters to 'Please Vote Responsibly'[4].

In 2006, Thomas Schlafly published A New Religion in Mecca: Memoir of a Renegade Brewery in St. Louis, about the founding of the St. Louis Brewery and its journey from a small local brewery to today. The book has received mainly positive reviews[5].


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