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The Isles of Scilly are a group of small islands off the coast of Cornwall, England and constitute the most south-westerly point of the United Kingdom.

The six inhabited islands are St. Mary's, Tresco, St Martin’s, Bryher, St. Agnes, and Gugh. St. Agnes and Gugh are only separated by the sea close to high tide and are often considered to be one island. Tresco, Bryher and Samson (uninhabited) join when there is an extreme low tide.

Most employment on the islands is connected to tourism. Flower farming is also significant.

St. Mary’s has a ferry service from Penzance. St. Mary’s and Tresco both have a helicopter service from Penzance. St. Mary’s has a light-aeroplane service from Land’s End (near Penzance). St. Mary’s, Tresco, St. Martin’s, Bryher and St. Agnes are linked by small boat services. Gugh is accessed from St. Agnes via a tidal sand-bar.

Historically many ships have run aground on the Isles of Scilly and nearby rocks, including two in the 1990s. Gig-racing (rowing-boat racing) is a pastime and tourist attraction.

The populations of the islands (2001) are:

St. Mary’s: 1,666 Tresco: 180 St. Martin’s: 142 Bryher: 92 St. Agnes: 70 Gugh: 3