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Montgomery Scott (best known by the affectionate nickname Scotty) was the chief engineer of the starship Enterprise in the original Star Trek television series. In keeping with the theme of diversity that Gene Roddenberry chose for his cast, Scotty was a Scotsman and spoke with a Scottish accent. Not being one of the main three characters, there was little character development for the role of Scotty and most of his interactions were statements that the engines were going to explode or the engines could not take much more of this. A common line attributed to the series, but never actually uttered, was "Beam me up Scotty" which prompted a series of bumper stickers for cars. "Beam me up Scotty -- There's no intelligent life down here!"

The part of Scotty was played in the series, the first seven Star Trek feature films and the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Relics" by the late James Doohan. He was known for holding in his stomach a lot when the camera was on him. Doohan, a Canadian actor, did not have a Scottish accent in real life.

In the 2009 Star Trek film and its sequels, Scotty was played by Simon Pegg.

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