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Sebastián Piñera (born December 1, 1949) is the president of Chile. He served from March 11, 2010,[1] to March 11, 2014, and then again starting on March 11, 2018. His political positions have been compared to those of U.S. President Donald Trump.[2] On the other hand, he has sided with the Left on certain issues, such as discussing advancing the homosexual agenda with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to talk about "gender" policies.[3]

Second Government

Piñera leads the center-right coalition called Chile Vamos. He supports Gender Identity laws, a "deep cultural change"[4], increase the number of ministries,[5] a "gender equality" agenda,[6][7] the legalization of 300.000 illegal immigrants,[8] the increase of digital taxes,[9] and maintain the 27% of corporate taxes.[10]

Also he promoted the "Safe Classroom" law which regulates the expulsion of violent students from public schools.[11] and he refused to sign the UN Global Migration Pact[12] however he signed the UN Refugee Pact.[13]

In his first year of government, around 200.000 immigrants established in Chile, and a total of 1.251.225 new immigrants since 2014.[14]

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