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The Secular Web website is a website run by Internet Infidels and its stated aim is to promote Metaphysical Naturalism.[1] Christian apologist JP Holding has written concerning the Secular Web: "The Secular Web has a few intelligent people, but overall has long been a haven for every skeptical know-it-all to pronounce judgments upon matters outside of their expertise."[2]

On the whole, the misguided efforts to promote atheism/agnosticism not been very effective on the internet (see also: Ineffectiveness and weakness of atheist internet outreach).[3] On the other hand, Christian internet evangelism has been very effective.[4][5]

Unlike Christianity, which is supported by a large body of sound evidence (see: Christian apologetics), atheism/agnosticism have no proof and evidence supporting their ideologies.[6]

Dissension at the Internet Infidels forum

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In 2007, it appears as if the Internet Infidels forum had a significant amount of internal dissension which caused some forum members to depart.[7]

Significant drop in web traffic according to the web traffic tracking company Quantcast

According to the web traffic tracking company Quantcast, the Secular Web lost a significant amount of web traffic from the period of 6/2/07 to 7/30/11.[8]

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