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|Resurrection Sunday
|Resurrection Sunday
|Saint Patrick's Day
|Paddy's Day
|[[Saint Valentine's Day]]
|[[Saint Valentine's Day]]

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While the development of conservative words grows by doubling each century, those with an antichristian and anti-American agenda, such as liberals, homosexuals, atheists, evolutionists and leftists, have attempted to remove the Christian origins of our language by replacing common phrases with secularized versions. By appealing to tolerance and political correctness, they have succeeded in propagating these secularized versions, even among those who don't share their views. Such deceitful tactics are a prime example of Liberal redefinition and other Liberal tools.

Calendar Terms

Original expression Secularized version
B.C./A.D. B.C.E./C.E.1
Christmas Xmas2
Christmas Holy Day Winter Break
Easter Holy Day Spring Break
Godspeed Be good
Gregorian calendar Civil calendar
Hallowed Eve Halloween
Holy Day Holiday
Independence Day The Fourth of July
Merry Christmas Happy Holidays/Season's Greetings
Resurrection Sunday Easter3
Saint Valentine's Day Valentine's Day
Shrove Tuesday Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras, Carnival
Thanksgiving Turkey Day
The Reverend Martin Luther King Day MLK Day
Washington's Birthday4 President's Day

Expressions and Colloquialisms

Original expression Secularized version
God be with you Good luck
God bless you, Bless you Gesundheit
God Willing Hopefully
Jesus! Gee whiz!
One nation under God One nation5
Praise the Lord Praise be
Thank God! Thank Goodness!
Thank heavens Thank goodness
Thank the Lord Give thanks

General Examples

Original expression Secularized version
Abomination Mistake
Abortion Birth control6
Act of God Natural disaster
Adultery Cheating
Adultery Fooling around
Angelic Pretty
Anti-Christian bigotry Separation of church and state
Anti-life Pro-choice
Bible study Fundamentalism
Blasphemy Secular opinion
Blessed Lucky
Chosen lifestyle Innate characteristic
Contraception Protection
Covetousness Inequality
Creation Abiogenesis
Curse Bad luck
Diabolical Dishonest/Underhanded
Drunkard Alcoholic
Father Old man
Fertile Breeder
God A higher power
God-fearing Intolerant
God-given Natural
Godless Secular
Golden Rule Altruism
Govern Rule
Harlot Sex worker
Heathen Multicultural
Hell (or Heaven) Afterlife
Heresy Scientific theory
Heretic Crackpot
Holy matrimony Civil union
Homosexual Gay
Homosexuality Lifestyle choice
Husband or wife Significant other/life partner
Immoral Personal choice
Islamic Terrorism Man-made disaster
Lazy Lacks motivation
Living in sin Shacking up/cohabitation/domestic partnership
Mankind Humankind
Miraculous Amazing
Mother Parent
Nature Social construct
Pagan Secular
Perversion Diversity
Possessed Crazy
Possessed Influenced
Pray Plead
Prayer/blessing Moment of silence
Pro-abortion Pro-choice
Providence Lucky break
Rebuke Hate speech
Reckoning Accountability
Religion Spirituality
Righteous Law-abiding
Sacred Respected
Sanctify Set apart[1]
Saintly Well-behaved
Sex before marriage Liberated
Sin Crime
Sin Lifestyle Choice
Sodomite (generally) Gay; LGBT
Sodomite (in antiquity) Male shrine prostitute
Sodomy Relations
Solemn Dignified
Son/Daughter Offspring
Soul Spirit
The State The Government
Unborn baby Fetus
Virgin Young woman
Wicked Antisocial
Wicked Naughty
Witchcraft Wicca, (Neo-)Pagan
With child Pregnant


  • 1 Sometimes C.E. is an abbreviation for "Christian era" instead of "common era", but this also conceals the historical basis due to Jesus Christ being Jewish. Christianity would not exist as a separate religion until much later.
  • 2 The 'X' in "Xmas" was originally an abbreviation for the Greek letter "chi" translated as "Ch", though the abbreviation eventually became a means of "crossing out Christ".
  • 3 Easter was originally a pagan festival, upon which Christianity would later apply the Resurrection of Christ and surrounding events (such as the Crucifixion on Good Friday). "Resurrection Sunday" is often used to emphasize the Resurrection of Christ rather than the pagan holiday.
  • 4 Washington's Birthday was February 11th in the Julian calendar, while Lincoln's Birthday was February 12th in the Gregorian. Under the Gregorian calendar, Washington's Birthday would be February 22nd. Thus Washington's birthday would be more accurate. (source)
  • 5 This was part of the original Pledge of Allegiance. "Under God" was added in the 1950s at the request of President Eisenhower. (source) However, atheists such as Michael Newdow have been trying to remove the phrase "under God" from the Pledge through the federal courts (source)
  • 6 Pro-choice people often use the phrase "birth control" regardless of whether conception has occurred.


  1. See Jeremiah 1:5 in the Feminist Bible.

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