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While the development of conservative words increases at an exponential rate, those with an antichristian and anti-American agenda, such as liberals, homosexuals, atheists, evolutionists and leftists, have attempted to remove the Christian origins of our language by replacing common phrases with secularized versions. By appealing to tolerance and political correctness, they have succeeded in propagating these secularized versions, even among those who don't share their views. Such deceitful tactics are a prime example of Liberal redefinition and other Liberal tools.

Original expression Secularized version
Thank God! Thank Goodness!
God bless you Gesundheit
Praise the Lord Praise be
Thank heavens Thank goodness
Merry Christmas Happy Holidays
Christmas Holy Day Winter Break
Easter Holy Day Spring Break
B.C./A.D. B.C.E./C.E.
Saint Valentine's Day Valentine's Day
Resurrection Sunday Easter
Hell (or Heaven) Afterlife
Sin Crime
Sin Lifestyle Choice
Abomination Mistake
Holy Day Holiday
Mother Parent
Father Old man
Son/Daughter Offspring
With child Pregnant
Bible study Fundamentalism
Blasphemy Secular opinion
Miraculous Amazing
Heresy Scientific theory
Abortion Birth control
Pro-abortion Pro-choice
Anti-life Pro-choice
Immoral Personal choice
Perversion Diversity
Husband or wife Significant other/life partner
prayer/blessing moment of silence
Washington's Birthday President's Day
Holy matrimony Civil union
Providence Lucky break
Possessed Crazy
Possessed Influenced
Pagan Secular
Hallowed Eve Halloween
Shrove Tuesday Fat Tuesday
Thanksgiving Turkey Day
The Reverend Martin Luther King Day MLK Day
Saint Patrick's Day Paddy's Day
Unborn baby Fetus
Creation Abiogenesis
Covetousness Inequality
Contraception Protection
Curse Bad luck
Rebuke Hate speech
The State The Government
God A higher power
Harlot Sex worker
Religion Spirituality
Fertile Breeder
Adultery Cheating
Act of God Natural disaster
Living in sin Shacking up/cohabitation
Thank the Lord Give thanks
Saintly Well-behaved
Angelic Pretty
Christmas Xmas
Sodomy Relations
Islamic Terrorism Man-made disaster
Godspeed Be good
God be with you Good luck
Independence Day The Fourth of July
Wicked Antisocial
Righteous Law-abiding
Pray Plead
Witchcraft Wicca
Solemn Dignified
Christchurch New Zealand city [1]
Homosexual Gay

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