Last modified on June 6, 2012, at 03:35

Self-projection as God

Self-projection as God (SPAG) is a form of atheist pseudoscience which purports to explain the psychological origins of theistic belief. SPAG claims that God is really a projection of the believer's own self, and that hence God endorses whatever the believer themselves happens to endorse. SPAG is also called vicarious autotheism ("autotheism" meaning "having one's own self as one's god"). However, there is a complete lack of any scientific evidence whatsoever to support it.

Counter-evidence to SPAG includes experiencing God as condemning acts which believers would like to engage in - e.g. a believer might earnestly desire to cheat on their income tax, yet feel that God would disapprove of them doing so - if God was nothing more than a projection of the believer's own beliefs and desires, then the believer would conclude that God approves of tax fraud.

SPAG is unfalsifiable - SPAG proponents cannot point to any experiment which would disprove SPAG. As an unfalsifiable idea lacking any evidence, SPAG should be classed as pseudoscience.