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Phillip Jaisohn and Seo Jae-pil(or Seo Jai-pil, korean:서재필 徐載弼, November 30, 1863 - January 5, 1951) was a Korean Independent activists and politicians, Journalists and United States anatomy physicians. a founder of Independent club, ten thousand peoples club, Independent news in 1896, also he was first chairman of Independent news[1] 1896 to 1898. he was first founder of Korean language news.

a nickname was Songjae and Ssangkyung, Chinese name was Yunkyung. penname was N.S Osia. the United States name was Phillip Jaisohn, it's his Korean name Soh Jai-pil's spelling reverse.

Work books

  • Hansu's Journey
  • My compatriots in the homeland
  • My Days in Korea and other Essays


In 1970, government of South Korean given to Awarded order of Merit for National Foundation 'Republic of Korea Medal' for him.

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