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Seth Andrews signing one of this books after a 2016 speaking engagement in San Jose, California.

Seth Andrews (born April 12, 1968) is an author and speaker on the topic of atheism. He is an atheist activist.

Concerning his atheist activism, he indicated: “I’m not an enemy of religious people, but I’ll be honest and say I am an enemy of religion.”[1]

Andrews is the creator and host of The Thinking Atheist online community, podcast, and YouTube channel.

He is also the author of the self-published books Deconverted and Sacred Cows.

Up until the age of 37, he was a evangelical Christian and had a ten-year career as a Christian radio host.[2][3][4] After he became an atheist, his relationship with his parents has become very strained.[5]

The atheist PZ Myers said about Seth Andrews:

Here is another problem though with the atheist movement. That we tend to inflate people beyond their capacity.

So Seth Andrews, he's got really good voice. OK, I will admit that. Ah, his position ought to be, you know, reading out transcripts of things that people more qualified, more intelligent than he is have written out. Ah, but no, he's now an atheist thought leader and I have heard anything from him that I have found particularly thoughtful.[6]

Seth Andrews on atheist activists dropping out of public atheism

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In 2017, the atheist activist Seth Andrews declared about the atheist activist dropping out of public atheism:

You know lately when I look around on social media and in the media in general really. I see these proclamations. Proclamations that the atheist movement is on life support. It's dying. It's probably beyond saving.

Now I know some people out there are very weary of all the public infighting and the squabbling and the division and just the general nastiness out there between various camps. And I totally get that. I totally get it.

Some people draw a big circle around New Atheism... And they declare New Atheism is dead or it's dying or irrelevant or whatever...

As an atheist activist myself, I can understand myself why some activists have just left the party...

They just got tired of it. All the politics and the posturing and the trolls and the bad faith operators out there. They have seen first hand that atheists are not immune to scandal, to ugliness to irrationality. To this unhealthy rage.[7][8]

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