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Seth Finkelstein is a liberal journalist, computer programmer and critic of Wikipedia. Finkelstein was awarded the "EFF Pioneer Award" by the liberal Electronic Frontier Foundation for his reverse engineering of the software used by libraries and schools to prevent children from looking at pornography. Mr. Finkelstein is strongly against what he calls "censorware" since it is he believes that people use it to stop left wing causes.[1]. Mr. Finkelstein has also attempted to argue that the same "censorware" is being used by repressive governments like China.[2]

Finkelstein and Wikipedia

Finkelstein was dismayed when he found out that there was a Wikipedia article on him. Finkelstein did not want an article on him since it was frequently vandalized.[3] He had already criticized Wikipedia as unreliable. Finkelstein wrote about his experiences with Wikipedia. He had to go through multiple deletion debates before finally getting his article deleted.[4][5]


  1. "Once you give censors free rein, they go after sex. They go after sex education. They go after feminism. They go after gay rights."