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Seth Finkelstein is a liberal journalist, computer programmer and critic of Wikipedia®. Finkelstein was awarded the "EFF Pioneer Award" by the Electronic Frontier Foundation for his reverse engineering of the software used by businesses, libraries and schools to prevent users from looking at undesirable sites, such as porn sites. Mr. Finkelstein is strongly against what he calls "censorware" because he believes it is being used in order to stop political speech.[1] Finkelstein has had a running feud with Michael Godwin.[2][3][4]

Finkelstein and Wikipedia

Finkelstein discovered an article about himself on Wikipedia which was the target of vandalism by an opponent of his. While he decided that the article would do him more harm than good, he decided that the page would cause him more harm than good.[5] Initially it was decided that the article should stay, however it was later deleted.[6][7]


  1. "Once you give censors free rein, they go after sex. They go after sex education. They go after feminism. They go after gay rights."