Shadow of the Bear

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Shadow of the Bear is a novel by Regina Doman about two Catholic girls named Blanche and Rose Brier who live in the Bronx with their mother after the unfortunate death of their father. They meet the myterious Bear one cold night and are pulled into his adventure which involves discovering who murdered the priest Father Raymond, kidnappings, and investigations on the people who surround them. They have to decide whether or not they can trust their new friend Bear, or if the rumors they hear of him being involved with drugs are true.

This book is written by a Catholic woman who gives a very good portrayal of trying to preserve one's faith while being assailed from all sides by the enemy. It is a retold story of the Grimm fairy tale Snow White and Rose Red.

The original copies of Shadow of the Bear were published as a hardcover in 1997 as Snow White and Rose Red: A Modern Fairy Tale. In 2002 is was released as a paperback by Bethlehem Books as Shadow of the Bear: a Fairy Tale Retold.

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