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Shelley Esaak

Shelley Esaak is an American portrait artist, freelance illustrator and graphic designer, writer and educator. Her ongoing art historic education has been obtained through autodidactic study of an ever-expanding personal library of exhibition catalogues, monographs and catalogue raisonnés.

"Art History is hugely important because it's the visual record of our human history. No other discipline offers us the ability to see our ancestors - as they looked, where and how they lived and, most importantly, what they saw - both in and outside their own heads. Few other disciplines stretch globally from the Late Paleolithic Age until five seconds ago, which keeps our subject endlessly plastic and exciting.
Art History is also, regrettably, a discipline that's proved itself wildly capable of intimidating people with its lofty reputation as a Terribly Serious Subject, employing often incomprehensible language. This is a true pity, as learning about art and artists can - and should - be a great deal of fun." Shelley Esaak.

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