Shills for corporate neoconservatism

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Shills for corporate neoconservatism are those fake conservatives who are willing to profit from the establishment rather than defend conservative values. Though some on the far-right falsely label conservative organizations such as YAF, TPUSA, or The Daily Wire as aligned with the establishment or "Conservative Inc.," these are not legitimate examples, and there is plenty of evidence showing that the group of people applying these labels is actually in the wrong.[1] Regardless, there are many legitimate examples of shills for corporate neoconservatism.

  • Hunter Avallone: Has sold out to Big Tech and attacked as many legitimate conservatives as the "groypers" he claims to oppose, and, like the groypers, is anti-Israel. His most concerted attacks appear to be against Kaitlin Bennett. In October 2019, Avallone delivered a speech in which he asserted that conservative claims of Big Tech censorship were greatly exaggerated. Some criticized him for this, which caused him to release a video on his YouTube channel fervently denying the existence of Big Tech censorship, and attacking a string of conservatives, including people who did not criticize him for his speech.[1] He followed this up by again denying Big Tech's existence and releasing a hit piece on James O'Keefe and Project Veritas.[2] In the same period of time, he livestreamed himself with his family taking hardcore conservative businessman Dan Pena's "Snowflake Test," during which he became increasingly uncomfortable, Googled Dan Pena to find out who he is, and gave up halfway through because he and his wife didn't like the questions. He then privatized the livestream so that this embarrassing ordeal could not be viewed by the public.[3] Later, in February 2020, Avallone attacked libertarian activist Kaitlin Bennett three times. First, Avallone released an attack video on YouTube smearing Bennett,[4] which her friend Joel Patrick responded to on Instagram by "exposing" Avallone; then, Avallone responded to Patrick by calling him a "grifter" and calling Israel an "ethnostate;"[5] and finally, when Bennett published a 25-minute video critical of Avallone on her "Liberty Hangout" YouTube channel,[6] Avallone attacked Bennett once again.[7] Later in the month, Hunter Avallone attacked Blaire White, a transgender conservative who was instrumental in the arrest of pedophile Jonathan Yaniv and who is affiliated with Brandon Straka of the WalkAway movement. Avallone asserted, without evidence, that White had falsely accused several people of being pedophiles, causing them to receive major harassment and death threats online, (Blaire has already proven that these people are pedophiles and Hunter made no effort to disprove this in any of these cases) and Avallone also stated that White lied about a woman who pressured her son to become transexual (again, with no evidence to the contrary).[8] In addition to believing that Big Tech does not exist, Hunter Avallone believes that there are more than two genders.[9]
  • Alex Marlow: In June 2017, Alex Marlow and Breitbart News fired and abandoned editor Katie McHugh for tweets criticizing Islam and mass immigration.[10] This led to McHugh being brainwashed by leftists by 2019 into thinking she had been a "white nationalist,"[11] and she then participated in the concerted left-wing smear of Stephen Miller as a "white nationalist" as well.[12]

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