Single-sex schools

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Single-sex schools are educational institutions which limit admission to male or female students. Once immensely popular, and then less so, they are reportedly staging a comeback among public schools.

Some all-girls public schools have always existed, like the large Philadelphia High School for Girls, which features among its graduates many judges and other notable figures. A substantial percentage of women in positions of political or business authority went to all-girls schools.

Studies show that girls excel at all-girls schools in several significant ways, from greater participation in competitive sports to higher achievement in traditionally male fields such as mathematics.

Academic underachievement by girls is being addressed by considering all-girls' schools:[1]

One determined band of Los Angeles educators thinks it has an answer: a girls-only public school that focuses on science, technology, engineering and math -- designed to boost girls' flagging performance in those "STEM" subjects compared to their male peers

The Equal Rights Amendment would prohibit this, however.