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Son of God TV is a Free High Definition Christian video and Christian audio social network that enables Christians to share HD videos and MP3 Music Audios and sermons for free. <p align="justify">Christians of all faiths may explore their Christian faith to witness Jesus Christ with family, friends, co-workers and other Christians and non Christians alike, across the globe, for the glorification of Jesus Christ. <p align="justify">Anyone can play HD videos and MP3 audios without being a member. To make the most of your experience join Son Of God TV  with a valid email address. (A confirmation email will validate this address, Non validated accounts will be removed) Once you are registered, you can invite other friends and members to your network or group and start uploading your own Christian videos and Christian MP3 music or audio files. <p align="justify"> SonofGodTV is a great way to get your Christian High Definition, HD videos, songs and pod cast sermons to those who want to learn about and know about Jesus Christ. <p align="justify">With SonofGodTV you can:

  • <p align="justify">Search the Holy Bible with our Super Bible search software with multiple language and version support
  • <p align="justify">Install the Son of God TV Tool Bar

<p style="text-indent: -.25in; margin-left: .5in" align="justify"> ·         Churches, Ministries and Christian individuals may create videos, audio pod cast,MP3s Music for upload. Anyone may down load the music or Videos for the Glorification of Jesus Christ. Abusive non Christian disharmony will not

be tolerated and directly violates the terms of use.

·         Videos can be High Definition, HD as high as 1080p, or lower quality for dial up connections, you have a choice when uploading.

·         Show off your favorite Christian HD videos to the world; embed videos on your web site.

·          Blog the videos you take with your digital camera or cell phone

·         Openly or  privately show videos to your friends and family around the world

·          ... and much, much more! Son of God TV Sign up now and open a new account.