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Template:Expand The soul is a vital concept within many religious traditions, including Christianity. The soul is considered to be the eternal element of an individual.

Most Christians regard the soul as the immortal essence of a human - the seat or locus of human will, understanding, and personality.

Scientists generally ignore or dismiss the soul as unworthy of study, since the soul has been defined in such a way as to be incapable of being studied. To be precise, the methodological naturalism of modern science tiptoes around the concept of the soul. Anything which is not material is deliberately excluded from consideration, and as the soul is not a material thing scientists accordingly cannot study it. This has implications for the study of human Psychology.

Most religions assume that the soul will survive the death of the body, and continue in some conscious fashion afterwards, whether it be in an afterlife or by reincanration. Atheists generally do not believe in the soul, and assume their consciousness will disappear upon death.