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Almost daily, this forum rehashes decades-old chestnuts about communist history, ranging from cold war tales of poverty and famine, to ludicrous myths about alleged genocides. To reduce the clutter, I'll present some basic resources refuting these myths. If you have suggested additions for the database, just let me or another admin know, and odds are we'll throw it up here.

Let's begin. For now, I'll just cover the main controversies that spring to mind, but please remind me of anything huge you feel I've overlooked.

Note: Many internet providers in the United States and Europe have blocked access to Library Genesis, which hosts many of the works listed for download below. These are the links that begin "" An easy solution for downloading them is to use Tor, a free anonymous internet browser, to download them. If you cannot download them at first with Tor, click on the onion icon in the top left of the program and select "New Identity" until you find one that works.

SECTION 1: THE SOVIET UNION AND EASTERN EUROPE ANTI-COMMUNIST MYTH NUMBER 1: THE SOVIET UNION MANUFACTURED A FAMINE IN UKRAINE RESOURCE 1: Fraud, Famine, and Fascism by Douglas Tottle RESOURCE 2: The 1932 Harvest and the Famine of 1933 by Mark Tauger RESOURCE 3: Natural Disaster and Human Actions in the Soviet Famine of 1931–1933 by Mark Tauger RESOURCE 4: The Years of Hunger: Soviet Agriculture, 1931–1933 by Davies and Wheatcroft RESOURCE 5: Lies Concerning the History of the Soviet Union by Mario Sousa ANTI-COMMUNIST MYTH NUMBER 2: THE SOVIET UNION REPRESSED AND KILLED MILLIONS OF PEOPLE RESOURCE 1: The Triumph of Evil by Austin Murphy RESOURCE 2: Human Rights in the Soviet Union by Albert Syzmanski RESOURCE 3: Another View of Stalin by Ludo Martens RESOURCE 4: Stalinist Terror: New Perspectives by Getty and Manning RESOURCE 5: Origins of the Great Purges by J. Arch Getty RESOURCE 6: The Road to Terror by J. Arch Getty RESOURCE 7: Other studies by historian by J. Arch Getty RESOURCE 8: The Legacy of Stalinism by "brown-eggs" RESOURCE 9: Khrushchev Lied by Grover Furr RESOURCE 10: Blackshirts and Reds by Michael Parenti RESOURCE 11: Blood Lies: The Evidence that Every Accusation against Joseph Stalin and the Soviet Union in Timothy Snyder's 'Bloodlands' Is False by Grover Furr ANTI-COMMUNIST MYTH NUMBER 3: THE SOVIET UNION AND THE EASTERN BLOC HAD NO DEMOCRACY RESOURCE 1: Soviet Communism: A New Civilization by Sydney and Beatrice Webb RESOURCE 2: Is the Red Flag Flying? by Albert Syzmanski RESOURCE 3: Socialism Betrayed by Keeran and Kenny RESOURCE 4: Life and Terror in Stalin's Russia, 1934–1941 by Robert Thurston RESOURCE 5: Democracy, East Germany, and the Berlin Wall by Stephen Gowans RESOURCE 6: The Russians are Coming: The Politics of Anti-Sovietism by V.L. Allen RESOURCE 7: The 1936 Soviet Constitution RESOURCE 8: Soviet Democracy by Pat Sloan ANTI-COMMUNIST MYTH NUMBER 4: SOCIALISM IS AN ECONOMIC FAILURE RESOURCE 1: Do Publicly Owned, Planned Economies Work? by Stephen Gowans RESOURCE 2: From Farm to Factory by Robert Allen RESOURCE 3: The Rise of Socialism by William Foster RESOURCE 4: We Lived Better Then by Stephen Gowans RESOURCE 5: The Need for Planning by Joseph Ball ANTI-COMMUNIST MYTH NUMBER 5: EVERYBODY HATED SOCIALISM RESOURCE 1: Homesick for a Dictatorship RESOURCE 2: 60% of Russians Want Communism Back RESOURCE 3: Former Soviet Countries See More Harm from Breakup RESOURCE 4: Russians say Aug 1991 events are tragedy, not triumph of democracy RESOURCE 5: Struggling Romanians Yearn for Communism RESOURCE 6: Tajikistan Pines for Old Soviet Union Strength RESOURCE 7: Referendum on the Preservation of the USSR RESOURCE 8: Central Asia in Nostalgia for the Soviet Period RESOURCE 9: Freest Under Czech Communism! RESOURCE 10: Seven Myths about the USSR by Stephen Gowans ANTI-COMMUNIST MYTH NUMBER 6: LIFE UNDER SOCIALISM WAS TERRIBLE RESOURCE 1: An experiment in living socialism: Bulgaria then and now by F.S. RESOURCE 2: Growing Up Under Communism Was The Happiest Time Of My Life by Zsuzsanna Clark SECTION 2: THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA ANTI-COMMUNIST MYTH NUMBER 1: MAO KILLED MILLIONS OF PEOPLE RESOURCE 1:Did Mao Really Kill Millions in the Great Leap Forward? by Joseph Ball RESOURCE 2:Monster or Liberator? by Carlos Martinez RESOURCE 3: The Battle for China's Past by Mobo Gao RESOURCE 4: Was Mao Really a Monster? The Academic Response to Chang and Halliday's "Mao: The Unknown Story" by Benton and Chun RESOURCE 5: How did Mao manage to kill ~78 million people? by Godfree Roberts ANTI-COMMUNIST MYTH NUMBER 2: CHINA WAS A TOTALITARIAN DICTATORSHIP RESOURCE 1: The Rise of the Chinese People's Communes by Anna Louise Strong RESOURCE 2: The Chinese Road to Socialism: Economics of the Cultural Revolution by E. L. Wheelwright RESOURCE 3: Fanshen: A Documentary of Revolution in a Chinese Village by William Hinton RESOURCE 4: Shenfan: The Continuing Revolution in a Chinese Village by William Hinton RESOURCE 5: Turning Point in China: An Essay on the Cultural Revolution by William Hinton SECTION 3: CUBA ANTI-COMMUNIST MYTH NUMBER 1: CHE WAS A BLOODTHIRSTY BUTCHER RESOURCE 1: Che: A Revolutionary Life by Jon Lee Anderson RESOURCE 2: Debunking the 'Che Guevara Was Racist!' Lie by Cuervo Rojo ANTI-COMMUNIST MYTH NUMBER 2: CUBA HAS NO DEMOCRACY AND IS A HORRIBLE PLACE TO LIVE RESOURCE 1: 20 Reasons to Support Cuba RESOURCE 2: Cuba: A Revolution in Motion by Isaac Saney RESOURCE 3: Cuba and Its Neighbours: Democracy in Motion by Arnold August + RESOURCE 4: Cuban Democracy Fact Sheet RESOURCE 5: All in This Together: Cuba's Participatory Democracy RESOURCE 6: The Elected Delegate and the Dissident in Cuba's Municipal Elections by Arnold August RESOURCE 7: 2002 Cuban Constitution RESOURCE 8: Work and Democracy in Socialist Cuba by Linda Fuller SECTION 4: THE DPRK ANTI-COMMUNIST MYTH NUMBER 1: NORTH KOREANS BELIEVE IN UNICORNS AND THEY THINK KIM JONG-UN IS IMMORTAL RESOURCE 1: Western DPRK Propaganda: The Worst, Occasionally Hilarious, and Often Racist, Lies by Alyx Mayer RESOURCE 2: Anti-DPRK Propaganda War – a Cavalcade of Comedy by Red Youth RESOURCE 3: Tourist who took camera inside North Korea shocked by 'ordinary' lives of citizens ANTI-COMMUNIST MYTH NUMBER 2: THE DPRK IS A FASCIST MONARCHY RESOURCE 1: Korea Resilient! Socialism in Democratic Korea by Vince Sherman RESOURCE 2: How to Think about Socialism in Korea RESOURCE 3: Understanding North Korea by Stephen Gowans RESOURCE 4: A Model of Democratic and Participatory Socialist Planning by MasCapital RESOURCE 5: Constitution of the DPRK RESOURCE 6: Socialist Korea: A Case Study in the Strategy of Economic Development by Brun and Hersch RESOURCE 7: Interview: Understanding and Defending North Korea RESOURCE 8: Democracy: US vs DPRK – Towards the Annihilation of a Narrative RESOURCE 9: The secret genocide in South Korea you’ve probably never heard of SECTION 5: THE PEOPLE'S (SOCIALIST) REPUBLIC OF ALBANIA ANTI-COMMUNIST MYTH NUMBER 1: ALBANIA WAS A TOTALITARIAN DICTATORSHIP RESOURCE 1: Pickaxe and Rifle: The Story of the Albanian People by William Ash RESOURCE 2: Insights into Socialist Albania from 'Pickaxe and Rifle'