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Hippocratic oath
==The Language==
We should remove the references to it being "murder." I would have done it myself but the article is locked. Murder is a legal term referring to unlawful killing not just killing. Abortion is legal in the United States (this is an american-based wikia so what other countries say of abortion is of no consequence) It would not be inconsistent to do so since Mr. Ashlafly has proposed in his re-translation of The Bible to change the commonly accepted translation "thou shall not kill" to "thou shall not murder" thus establishing a precedent for such a change. Murder can be of course be used within persuasive essays to refer to legal honor killings in the middle east of course, but this is an encyclopedia, not a persuasive essay. It's not about watering it down, it's about making this place more encyclopedia-like. For the record, I'm anti-abortion (I refuse the pro-life label) albeit for secular not religious reasons.--DavidS 13:18, 19 September 2013 (EDT)
== Suggest Revert ==
I agree wholeheartedly with this assertion. I think it is necessary to include a mention early on in the article to how the medical definition of abortion varies from the popular definition. [[User:ConcernedScientist|ConcernedScientist]] 10:08, 5 November 2008 (EST)
'''Reply:''' Yes, hello, I would just like to state that even if you're claiming to be a super conservative website, you should still report the facts and not just your opinions. For example, it is complete opinion that abortions qualify as murders -- it is the choice of the mother who has the fetus within her, not yours. Also, calling yourselves pro-life is counter-intuitive since birthing a child who the mother will not want or be able to care for will actually be decreasing the value of life for the child born.
But whatever. Regardless, I think you should include reasons for both sides of the debate rather than being biased and not even bothering to listen to the other side of the aisle. This is only worsening the partisan divide in America and lowering how well-versed people are on these issues, such as abortion. Read up on the issues with an open mind, not a closed one, and you can come to whatever conclusion you want to, but at least take into consideration that women who chose to have abortions don't do it on a whim. They do it because they know they can't provide an equal opportunity for their child, especially if the child is a product of a rape or unwanted sexual interaction. {{unsigned|Hi22}}
:Your comment is utterly ridiculous -- abortion being murder is an objective fact, grounded upon the strong scientific evidence that unborn human beings are, in fact, humans ([ 1],[ 2],[ 3],[ 4],[ 5] etc.) That's not opinion, it's fact. When one takes the life of a human, that's murder. Liberals deny the fact that abortion takes human life and is thus a form of murder. --[[User:1990'sguy|1990'sguy]] ([[User talk:1990'sguy|talk]]) 23:14, 30 October 2018 (EDT)
==Maintain the neutrality of the article==
In Russia abortion is allowed at any point during pregnancy. This is litteraly at ANY point until the umbilical cord is cutted. <ref></ref>
== Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of a new internet culture war! ==
Starting this week, [[User:Conservative|Admin Conservative]] will be spreading awareness of Conservapedia's abortion material. [ Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of a new internet culture war!] [[User:Conservative|conservative]] 17:01, 8 June 2010 (EDT)
:Admin:Conservative, trying to delete this section only drew my attention to it. So, what's about the dogs? Did you let them out? --[[User:AugustO|AugustO]]
==Definition of Abortion==
Anyway, let me know what everyone thinks. --[[User:Jzyehoshua|Joshua Zambrano]] 10:56, 29 July 2012 (EDT)
==Use Of The Term Murder==
All murder involves killing but not all killing is murder. That is clear by the Conservative Bible Project's revision of "thou shall not kill" to "thou shall not murder." Murder a legal term referring to the unlawful killing. If we are to insistent on calling abortion murder (which by the way abortion is a legal and murder is a legal term) we risk being inconsistent with our terminology. Semantics perhaps but it goes to the integrity of the site. --DavidS 19:50, 7 April 2013 (EDT)
== My Edits Reverted ==
To Conservative:
I would appreciate some explanation of the revision of all of my edits, which added citations for fetal pain, removed redundant Planned Parenthood information in the opening, and updated the abortion count. Admittedly, the sources were not cited correctly, but were there neverhtless. Some response would be greatly appreciated!
== Edit request ==
Would an admin please add this sentence: <code><nowiki>Objectively and logically speaking, it is a form of murder<ref>Taylor, Paul F (May 2, 2014). [ Chapter 12: Abortion: Is It Really a Matter of Life and Death?]. ''Answers in Genesis'' (from ''The New Answers Book 3''). Retrieved January 22, 2017.</ref> as well as child sacrifice.<ref>Ham, Ken (October 26, 2015). [ Abortion and Child Sacrifice]. ''Answers in Genesis''. Retrieved January 22, 2017.</ref></nowiki></code> Mr. Schlafly disapproved of adding it to the intro, but had no problem with adding it elsewhere in the article. --[[User:1990&#39;sguy|1990&#39;sguy]] ([[User talk:1990&#39;sguy|talk]]) 12:31, 6 February 2017 (EST)
== See also category link ==
It seems the bot pulled that link because technically, we're not supposed to include see also links to category pages. I don't much care, but the manual of style says that someplace. --[[User:DavidB4|<font color="ForestGreen">David B</font>]] <sup>([[User talk:DavidB4|TALK]])</sup> 23:42, 6 February 2017 (EST)
:If we are not allowed to use them, then I don't mind removing it (even though I don't really mind at all either). I just wanted to restore any questionable bot changes (even though this one is not questionable after all). --[[User:1990&#39;sguy|1990&#39;sguy]] ([[User talk:1990&#39;sguy|talk]]) 23:51, 6 February 2017 (EST)
::I appreciate you keeping a critical eye on it--something can always go wrong. I can't quickly pick out that rule/guideline in the manual. It is mentioned [[Conservapedia:How_to_create_and_maintain_high-quality_articles#Categories|here]] though. I don't want to be going around bashing the rules over peoples' heads. I just wanted to find out why it did that, and once I did, wanted to let you know. Cheers! --[[User:DavidB4|<font color="ForestGreen">David B</font>]] <sup>([[User talk:DavidB4|TALK]])</sup> 00:05, 7 February 2017 (EST)
== Late term abortions ==
This is a good article on late-term abortions: [] <br/>
Not sure it is is useful for this page, and I don't have much time to look now. I just figured I'd park it here in case I or anyone else wants to make use of it. --[[User:DavidB4|<font color="ForestGreen">David B</font>]] <sup>([[User talk:DavidB4|TALK]])</sup> 19:31, 16 February 2019 (EST)
== Resources for mothers ==
I don't know if there is an appropriate way to provide information in mainspace regarding an expectant mother's options, but it seems like that might be a good idea. For example, [ here] is a list of some great resources, such as [ OptionLine] and the International Helpline for Abortion Recovery (866-482-5433) --[[User:DavidB4|<font color="ForestGreen">DavidB4</font>]] <sup>([[User talk:DavidB4|TALK]])</sup> 19:55, 19 March 2019 (EDT)
== Hippocratic oath==
It might be worth adding to this that the ORIGINAL Hippocratic oath itself speaks against abortion (as well and euthanasia): "I will neither give a deadly drug to anybody who asked for it, nor will I make a suggestion to this effect. Similarly I will not give to a woman an abortive remedy. In purity and holiness I will guard my life and my art." However, the oath has be modified to exclude this statement, as can be seen [ here]. --[[User:DavidB4|<font color="ForestGreen">DavidB4</font>]] <sup>([[User talk:DavidB4|TALK]])</sup> 15:47, 28 August 2019 (EDT)
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