Amateur radio

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* High Frequency (short-wave) through to microwave frequencies;
* voice
* CW (morse Morse code)
* facsimile (fax over radio)
* television - slow-scan (similar to fax) and fast-scan (as for broadcast TV)
Until the widespread advent of [[telephone]] systems and the [[Internet]] in under-developed countries, Amateur Radio was widely used by [[missionary]] groups to communicate with people across the world. The missionaries operated their radios to talk to their home organsations and pass information to family members.
Additionally, they operated their radios to make contact with 'ordinary' Amateurs and give them highly prized "QSL contact card" with a country, state, proviceprovince, or area where there were very few operators. Among Amateur Radio operators in developed countries the missionaries were, and still are, a very welcome and highly prized group of people, often supported with donations to support their ability to provide the much sought after QSL card, or through having someone manage their QSL card distribution. The usual form of exchange is for the Amateur to send a "green stamp" (a US$1 bill) in exchange for the QSL card. This pays for the mailing of the card, and normally left a little besides as a donation for the missionary.
==Famous Amateur Radio operators and callsigns==
* [ International Amateur Radio Union (IARU)]
* [ Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA)] - the first national Amateur Radio society
* [ Amarican American Radio Relay League (ARRL)] - hobby society body for USA
* [ The Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation] of North America
* [ famous Amateurs]
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