Sesame Street

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Sesame Street successfully launched the career of [[Jim Henson]]'s Muppets and has produced countless imitations and variations. A number of Sesame Street movies have been made, including ''Follow That Bird'' and ''The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland''. Sesame Street characters have made appearances on a number of game and talk shows. Many stuffed animals of the Sesame Street characters are sold in amazing quantities and the Tickle Me Elmo is considered to be one of the best selling toys of all time. A number of musical albums have been released by Sesame Street characters, most notably such as ''Bert's Blockbusters'' which scored an unexpected success in 1974 with the single ''Doin' the Pigeon''.<ref>[ Bert's Blockbusters - #4 Album of 1974]</ref>
==Muppet Characters==
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