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American values

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'''American values ''' are the common values that all [[Real America|real AmericansAmerica]] ns hold dear: to hold dearly the teachings of the [[Bible]], to always love one's neighbor, and to support the ideals of [[Republicanism]] and small government (contrast with [[big government]], [[nanny state]] and [[police state]]), which have made this country so great. These traditional values on which the [[United States]] was founded, also include [[Oath Keepers|supporting and defending]] the [[Constitution]] and its [[Bill of Rights]], [[gun rights|gun ownership]], faith, and [[libertarian]] [[conservative values]] and ideology since the time of the [[Founding Fathers]].
== See Also also ==
* [[Conservative values]]
* [[Libertarian|Libertarian Small town values]] and [[Conservative values]] are the original American values* [[Small town Family values]] of [[Real America]]* [[Family Traditional values]]: [[Family]]-[[Marriage]], [[Homeschooling]] teaching [[Virtue]] and Self-reliance
===Contrast With===
* [[Liberal values]] and [[Liberalism]]: [[Similarities between Communism, Nazism and liberalism]]* [[Public school values]] [[entitlement mentality]] [[Indoctrination]] of the [[Teacup Generation]] by [[Public schools in the United States]] and [[Common Core]] * [[Teachers' unions]]: [[National Education Association]] and [[American Federation of Teachers]]* [[Hollywood values]]: [[List of celebrities against Second Amendment]] - always [[Liberal]] [[Elitist]]s* [[San Francisco values]] and the [[Politically correct]]: [[Diane Feinstein]], [[Nancy Pelosi]], [[Barbara Boxer]], [[Leland Yee]]
* [[Fashion industry values]]
* [[Professor values]]
* [[Obamunism]]: [[Obamanomics]] [[Economic planning]] of the [[Obama administration fiscal policy]], [[Obama administration monetary policy]], [[Obamacare]], [[Federal funding]] via [[Crony capitalism]] ([[Obama donor list]], [[Bailout]], [[Obama administration corporate bailouts]], [[Obamageddon]]), [[Deficit spending]] and the [[National debt]]* [[John Maynard Keynes]] [[liberal]] [[Keynesian economics]] and [[Fabian Socialism|Fabian Socialist]] influence on [[Barack Obama]]* [[Big Government]]-[[Welfare State]]-[[Nanny State]]-[[Police state|Police State]]: [[Globalist]]-[[Statist]]-[[Socialist]]-[[Communist]] 
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