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Country Music

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'''Country Music''', or '''Country and Western''', refers to the [[genre]] of music which originated in the rural Southern and Western [[United States]]. It is typified by the heavy use of [[guitar]]s, [[steel guitar]]s, and [[fiddle]]s, and, like its root style [[blues]], an accented 2nd and 4th beat in the drums. Since the mid-60's, [[Nashville, Tennessee]] has been the dominant city involved in this form of music and is even nick-named Music City. However, other cities such as [[Branson]], Missouri[[New Orleans]], [[AustinJackson]], Texas[[Austin]], and [[Stillwater, Oklahoma]] and [[Albuquerque]] have also played important roles in its [[progression]]. Although it was born and gained huge success in [[America]], it is also popular in [[Australia]] and [[Canada]] and has moderate prominance prominence in [[Germany]], the [[United Kingdom]], and [[Ireland]].
Several organizations present awards to outstanding country performers including the [[Academy of Country Music]] and [[American Country Music Awards]].