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Pat McCrory

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|state=North Carolina
|terms=January 5, 2013–2013–January 1, 2017
|lieutenant=Dan Forest
|preceded=[[Bev Perdue]]
Patrick Lloyd "Pat" McCrory (born October 17, 1956)<ref name="PVS">[ Patrick McCrory's Biography]. ''Project Vote Smart''. Retrieved December 29, 2016.</ref> is was the governor 74th Governor of [[North Carolina]], serving since from 2013until 2017. Prior to this, he served as a city council member of [[Charlotte, North Carolina]] from 1989-95, as Mayor Pro Tem from 1993-95, and as mayor of Charlotte from 1995-2009.
As governor of North Carolina, McCrory helped pass much conservative legislation that improved the quality of life in the state.
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